“Nobody Puts Baby in a Binder.” – from http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com/

Governor Mitt Romney’s remark about “binders full of women” during Tuesday night’s presidential debate set off a firestorm of reaction across social media platforms, from Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr. By Wednesday, almost 300,000 people had “liked” a new Facebook page, “Binders Full of Women,” which was activated during the debate. A Tumblr blog provided entertaining variations of Romney’s quote, including the riff on the famous line from the movie Dirty Dancing, “No one puts baby in a corner.” On a serious note, the Facebook page used the opportunity to link to some data about the gender pay gap in general. And, ironically, the comment that made so many women mad and sparked a Tumblr blog may have re-launched a career for one young enterprising woman. Interesting stuff.